Friday, December 12, 2008


I was tagged by Olivia and sorry for the delay dear. So here are the rules...

-list these rules on your blog.
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-Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
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The answers

7 facts about myself...

I’m very vain about how I look, especially when it comes to having a “boroi” tummy. So once in a while I would take a look on any flabby skin around my waist in the mirror. And when the mirror speaks “You are fat Jerry” (they don’t actually said that, I just made it up), I would go for a jog or go on a crash diet.

I only wear jeans/slacks/khakis with the size of 30, because I would not wear anything bigger or smaller than that. The reason? When you are getting older, especially man of my age, have the potential of increasing girth on their waistline and therefore from “Jerry’s book of getting-fit Mythology” say, set only 1 size of your trousers (size that fits your waist) as a benchmark, so that it would be an indicator whether you are increasing in size or not . And when you get a breathing problem when you’re wearing them, your trousers is telling you “Watch what you eat dude!” or “go for an exercise!”

I have the tendency of spending on lots of stuff when I’m stressed out. It’s true, ask my colleague.

I don’t talk a lot, but I’m an observant person, being analytical and often keep things to myself, when it’s not worthy of anyone should know.

I love nature a lot; the green, trees and the view...ah divine...

I love reading, any book would be fine.

I’m not a bossy person, so I don’t instruct people a lot. (Maybe that’s why my assistants like me)

My 6 unspectacular quirks

I can’t stand a dirty or messy room; they make me want to clean or tidy them up.

Whenever I’m on the road driving, I would take a glance on the opposite side of the lane, and count how many drivers PICKING THEIR NOSE!

I SO...can dance those days whenever my friends and I hit the club. But I don’t do that nowadays, I’d rather seat back, relax and enjoy the view. (Maybe I’ve lost that Midas touch, hmm...)

I don’t use coins a lot and carry them around. Whenever there’s a change in coin form, I would keep them in a jar.

I think at the moment that is all “unspectacular quirks” of mine that I can think of, I’ll think of the other 2 later.

7 people I tag!

-I hate to say this, but I do not wish to tag anyone at the moment. ; P

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-(Opps!) See above.

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