Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Good Movie

handsome/gorgeous actor/actress = Worth watch/Good movie


Good plot/storyline= Worth watch/Good movie

Both=Worth watch/Good movie?

This morning I was having breakfast with my colleague, and we were talking about movies that were recently out in the cinema. One of my colleague was talking about this movie (don't mind the title), and she told me how she liked it so much. So I asked her whether the movie is THAT GOOD, having said that the movie is worth watching. So she told me how good looking the actor is, the car he is driving, how romantic he is....and the compliments goes on and on and on...So I asked her, " So you like the movie because the actor is good looking?" She answered, " Yes, how i wish my boyfriend is like that." But that, doesn't answer my question at all.

It's funny how certain people classify movies that they are watching is GOOD or NOT. And yes the appearance of the actor does play the role in the movie itself, but how about the plot? Different people may have different opinion in this but for me, movie that is worth watch is a movie with good plot and twist regardless how good looking or ugly the actor is. A good storyline is like a flow of the story where you can follow-up the events/scene without getting "lost".

Unlike some of the movie I've watched before, especially scary movie that was premiered few years back. The plot was hard to follow and there were no apparent denouement, and therefore i was "lost". While some movies, I would say a "low-budget" movie that was played in the same background is like a deja-vu and not to mention...boring. Imagine you are watching zombies killing people in an airplane, with the same action again and again. Chasing after a passenger and kill them, then the passenger became zombie and attack another boring is that?

*Okay, enough whining* So what say you? How do you classify a "good movie"? A movie worth watching without feeling sorry after you spend a few dime in that pocket and a few hours of your time.

P/s: Ok Oli, I owe you one, I'll catch up with you later. ;P


Olivia and Amanda said...

i thnk i know which movie are u talking about. i dont think the actor is goodlooking though - if you u see him real. he's just so cool in that character hehe... and the reason i love the movie because i ws not really into that genre before until this one. and there's gonna be sequel ;)

A Little Devil On Your Shoulder said...

Easy peasy guess. I know what MUVEE is that hehehehe....