Thursday, December 18, 2008

New year, new resolution. New job, new position

*This post is a continuation from previous post entitled "Farewell..."

Change for good

Just when i was about to settle down with my job in Kuching, recent news has it that our new placement will be out soon. I was not surprise at all given that the rumors of organization restructuring have been carried out few months ago. So the previous turmoil and scenario have taken its effect finally.

On the positive side of the company, the restructuring is good because there are certain areas where it is lack of personnel and therefore creates a bottleneck work flow that indirectly affect the whole organization. In addition, some of the existing staff have no choice but multitask with their current job and extra jobs given by their superior.

On the contrary, those who are going to be absorb to the new department have to learn new things from the beginning. Even from the beginning of the year when I first came to my current position, i have to take at the least 1 month to adapt myself to the environment, plus another 3 months to familiarize myself with the work. I'm not whining due to the fact I can't adapt with the work and all. Being flexible in any case is what we are built for, if it's not then what was the training for, correct?

Where do we go from here?

If given a choice, I would love to be place in Bintulu. I was once deployed to Bintulu when I had my training over there. The reason is simple, I have love Similajau a lot eversince i first came to Bintulu. And I'd love to have a visit to the beach during weekend and sunbathe on the white sandy beach. Though there are not much of entertainment compared to Kuching, well at least I could dump in some of my dime to saving account.

Sibu and Miri? I love Sibu and Miri as much as other places, but I have always been to Sibu all this while. Likewise, the living cost in Miri can be quite high. And they don't call it "The City of Oil" with no reason.


Anonymous said...

Good luck. I find it surprising to know that you are making plans for the new year. I never saw that in a chance. Good for you=)

Jer said...

Thanks, hopefully everything will be much better next year.