Tuesday, December 2, 2008

God's colour matching

Ever wonder why green trees are paired with its brown coloured trunk or bark? And white sandy beaches coordinate with the blue coloured ocean? It’s amazing how God matches things surround us with beautiful colours, the colours that synchronize with each other like the tree and the beach I was mentioned earlier.

This morning I have problem choosing uniform that matches the colour of my pant. As I was browsing through my closet, I found a uniform that was a given as a gift from seed bank some time ago when I was having my practical training. The uniform is white in colour with green collar so I rarely wear it because white colours can easily get dirty.

But today is an exceptional, most managers are coming down to our department for a meeting so I have no choice but wearing the only uniform left in the closet, since the other one is still in the laundry. As I was putting it on, I can almost see a 5 footer tree standing in front of the mirror, green shirt with brown pant = green leaves and brown trunk, “perfect match!” I thought. And then I grinned. I didn’t even realize that mom was behind observing me all the while so she asked me, “What’s with the smile?” I replied, “It’s pretty amazing how God’s creation inspires people to think.”


Anonymous said...

If i was behind you...i'd be...laughing...and looking at how you smile...hahaha

Jer said...

Cause you imagine me as a tree? "Jerry, the smiling tree.."