Friday, July 8, 2011

Dunia ini sangat kecik; Pantun Tiga Kerat, enam rangkap

Dunia ini sangat kecik,
pegi sini, pegi sana,
gerenti tempat kita pegi itu kita pernah pegi.

Dunia ini sangat kecik,
kita cakap orang itu, orang ini,
orang lain rupa-rupanya tau juga.

Dunia ini sangat kecik,
Orang yang lama tidak jumpa,
Boleh jumpa kembali.

Dunia ini sangat kecik,
mana-mana pegi,
jalan raya gerenti jam kalau peak hour.

Dunia ini sangat kecik,
Kalau pegi pusat beli belah hujung minggu,
Penuh dengan manusia saja kaki lima.

Dunia ini sangat kecik...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

LaMaK Sik NuLiS Blog kU dlm ENgLIsh eh!!

P/s: Saja jak!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Iri Hati (Apa ndak dikerepak aku tok???)

Perasaan iri hati itu adalah sangat normal tetapi kalau tiap-tiap hari iri hati, itu dah jadi tidak normal. Heheh...apa ndak ka di kerepak aku tok??? Simple, kekadang kita maok lebih dari apa yang kita inginkan, itu sememangnya. Some people memang di blessed dengan life that is serve on a silver plater. But for some, they are not that fortunate.

Apakah yang aku ngerepak tok??? Mendengar pengalaman seorang kawan dgn life-nya yang living large, menyentap sekejap hati beta sebab bagi aku, dia sangat beruntung, dan aku sangat rugi. Piker-piker balik...yer ker aku rugi???

Tidak semestinya. Kita hidup berprinsip dan ada tujuan, pendirian diri itu adalah perlu. Kalau itu prinsip hidup yang dia pilih kita redha dan hanya mampu mendengar sahaja. Kalau itu tujuan hidup yang dia pilih, saya tidak pasti sama ada tujuan dia itu ada arah tuju ke tidak. Kalau itu pendirian hidup yang dia pilih, saya boleh katakan pendirian hidup diri dia itu sangat murah.

Apakah yang aku ngerepak tok??? Biarlah kisah disebalik kesah yang dikerepak aku tok jadi renungan hidup, at least for me. That is not the life that i want, choose, and have.

So what's the point of iri hati??? No, saya tidak iri hati. Saya bersyukur with the life that I have right now. Of course hala tuju seseorang itu berlainan, tepuk dada tanya selera.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Makna Santai Bagi Saya (Mcm Karangan UPSR pulak...)

Dulu kalo member bawak hang-out or santai2 di clubs, I on jer. Tapi nowadays dah jarang sekali melawat tempat yang sebegitu untuk bersantai. Pe ke makne nak santai kat tempat yang penuh dengan bunyi bass speaker yang macam nak mampus, dan bau asap rokok yang mampu membunuh seekor gajah.

It's not that I'm prejudice or what-so-ever la kan ngan tempat2 camtu. Saya dulu pun pernah pergi and enjoy2, frankly memanglah bes. Tapi dikala usia semakin matang begini ada jugaklah terdetak kat hati dan berfikir sejenak kebaikan dan keburukannya.

Nowadays, saya lebih mementingkan santai yang berkualiti daripada santai yang enjoy2 seperti dulu. That is why when a friend ask me for a santai, first thing in mind, the venue. If they are proposing a place that I mentioned above, my answer would be "I'll see first..", which indicate that there's a chance that I wouldn't come.

Just imagine dah berapa bulan tak jumpa member and all of sudden you are missing them and asked them for an outing, and ended up in a club. And at the end of the day you just talk one or two lines because everyone is busy enjoying themselves. Yes, I kind of get frustrated with this kind of situation eeeeeeeeeeeeeverytime it happens. I WOULD propose a better place but most of the time it's up to the majority.

Last-last time nak buat decision nak pergi ke tak with the so-called santai tak pegi lagi bagus, 1) Save budget, 2) Xde faedah nyer, 3) Time2 jumpa geng sekalian, semua ikut haluan masing2 and tak tau berita diaorg.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mari beloya buruk

Owh...tidak! Malam tadi badan dah nak mula diserang demam panas lagi. Mungkin sebab saya terlalu aktif dan tidak menghiraukan kesihatan sendiri. Baru selang beberapa hari diserang flu terus turun padang bermain seperti biasa, tak kesahlah hidung masih tersumbat dan berhingus ke tak, asalkan dapat main je sudah.

As a result, malam tadi kene serang demam balik. Tapi yang peliknya badan terasa panas tetapi setitik peluh pun tak kuar. At first nak ambik paracetamol, lepas tu piker2 balik beberapa hari yang lepas dah amek berketul-ketul paracetamol, which is not good to your health la kan.

Last resort, mak pun tolong carik2-kan rawatan alternatif untuk me-release-kan haba dari badan. Yes, there are indeed few traditional/herbal methods that is to be use in times like this. Ginger, ginseng, white onion to name few. Well I actually found some mung bean in the kitchen and cooked myself a nice mung bean soup with some coconut milk added just right before it is totally cooked.

According to the Chinese belief, mung bean is cooked during a hot day and eaten to cool down the body temperature. Had a few bowl just right before my bedtime and sweat the whole night like hell, which indicates that it works.

Woke up this morning feeling much better, akibatnya...bangun lambat gara-gara tak dapat tido sebab berpeluh sepanjang malam.

Monday, May 2, 2011

this post have no it as you like.

Seriously I have no idea which line should I start with first.."It was two months ago that this blog was updated..." or "It's already May and it seems that...".

Yeah, my brain is getting "berkarat" to come out with a figurative words to be use in this blog. Haven't read any scientific journals or novel in a while, that might explain why my grammar and vocab have been so bad lately. Nope, it's not that I'm busy with work and all, I'm just...TOO LAZY. My work have been halt for a while due to lack of inspiration and excitement (can I actually say that?), the last report that I gave to my SPV was like 3 weeks ago and that result alone is not enough to support the data for my study.

Apart from that, me and my friends went to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for our vacation last few week. Modest city with beautiful beaches and island, it is so far the best beach vacation ever. And yes, by that I mean we went to Manukan Island for a day trip visit. The beach was located 20 minutes distance from mainland so one have to take a rented boat in order to reach the location. Sadly, there were not much of coral reef over there so that was a little bit turn-off for me.

All in all, the vacation was worth it. What more can I ask for? 5 nights of stay is more than enough to enjoy ourselves in KK. Managed to shop a bit, hang around at the sea-view of the waterfront, enjoy the night-life and spend some bucks on the souvenirs.

Got myself cold and fever when I got back to Kch, which was initially getting better. But due to an irresponsible neighbor who happen to do an open burning near the backyard of my home, I can't stop sneezing (sensitive nose) and got myself runny nose again.

The weather look nice today, probably gonna pop-up at the volleyball court to play a few sets today. Hope the gang are ready for a match after 3 days off. Later folks!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Dah masuk bulan Febuari skrg baru nak update kan...well, actually post yang satu ni dah lama kat dlm draft, cume takder ms nak upload and polish2 content kat dlm post ni.

Pertama-tama skali Happy new year 2011 kepada semua. Countdown haritu disambut biase2 je. Unlike tahun2 lepas, new year disambut sekaligus bersempena birthday member kiteorg. Tapi tahun ni terpakse skip bday party sbb member kitorg tu dah ader clan baru katenye. That's fine tho, we still had fun during the countdown. owh, did I mentioned we? Yeah, Kev's back to spend his holiday in Kuching. Sekali dgn countdown tu jugak we all celebrate our 12th year of friendship.

Bercakap ttg tahun baru nie, azam mesti la baru jugak kan. Setakat ni ader jgak la azam baru dalam pikiran, ongoing punye pun ader jgak...Anyway, if possible aku nak fulfill all these task by the end of this year;

1) Wrap up my lab-work, and get a better result. Hopefully I can finish by September.

Only God know how fucked up my work was, the last time I got myself a satisfying result was almost a year ago, so that practically sucks. However, I'm not giving up that easy, so wish me luck.

2) Hopefully dpt kawen tahun nie...yerr..just kidding. Harap2 dapat involve dalam serious relationship.

3) Gain extra income this year.

4) Get myself fitter (and hopefully reduce those stubborn fat)

And with God's will hopefully this year will be a better year than last year.