Monday, May 2, 2011

this post have no it as you like.

Seriously I have no idea which line should I start with first.."It was two months ago that this blog was updated..." or "It's already May and it seems that...".

Yeah, my brain is getting "berkarat" to come out with a figurative words to be use in this blog. Haven't read any scientific journals or novel in a while, that might explain why my grammar and vocab have been so bad lately. Nope, it's not that I'm busy with work and all, I'm just...TOO LAZY. My work have been halt for a while due to lack of inspiration and excitement (can I actually say that?), the last report that I gave to my SPV was like 3 weeks ago and that result alone is not enough to support the data for my study.

Apart from that, me and my friends went to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for our vacation last few week. Modest city with beautiful beaches and island, it is so far the best beach vacation ever. And yes, by that I mean we went to Manukan Island for a day trip visit. The beach was located 20 minutes distance from mainland so one have to take a rented boat in order to reach the location. Sadly, there were not much of coral reef over there so that was a little bit turn-off for me.

All in all, the vacation was worth it. What more can I ask for? 5 nights of stay is more than enough to enjoy ourselves in KK. Managed to shop a bit, hang around at the sea-view of the waterfront, enjoy the night-life and spend some bucks on the souvenirs.

Got myself cold and fever when I got back to Kch, which was initially getting better. But due to an irresponsible neighbor who happen to do an open burning near the backyard of my home, I can't stop sneezing (sensitive nose) and got myself runny nose again.

The weather look nice today, probably gonna pop-up at the volleyball court to play a few sets today. Hope the gang are ready for a match after 3 days off. Later folks!

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