Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Dah masuk bulan Febuari skrg baru nak update kan...well, actually post yang satu ni dah lama kat dlm draft, cume takder ms nak upload and polish2 content kat dlm post ni.

Pertama-tama skali Happy new year 2011 kepada semua. Countdown haritu disambut biase2 je. Unlike tahun2 lepas, new year disambut sekaligus bersempena birthday member kiteorg. Tapi tahun ni terpakse skip bday party sbb member kitorg tu dah ader clan baru katenye. That's fine tho, we still had fun during the countdown. owh, did I mentioned we? Yeah, Kev's back to spend his holiday in Kuching. Sekali dgn countdown tu jugak we all celebrate our 12th year of friendship.

Bercakap ttg tahun baru nie, azam mesti la baru jugak kan. Setakat ni ader jgak la azam baru dalam pikiran, ongoing punye pun ader jgak...Anyway, if possible aku nak fulfill all these task by the end of this year;

1) Wrap up my lab-work, and get a better result. Hopefully I can finish by September.

Only God know how fucked up my work was, the last time I got myself a satisfying result was almost a year ago, so that practically sucks. However, I'm not giving up that easy, so wish me luck.

2) Hopefully dpt kawen tahun nie...yerr..just kidding. Harap2 dapat involve dalam serious relationship.

3) Gain extra income this year.

4) Get myself fitter (and hopefully reduce those stubborn fat)

And with God's will hopefully this year will be a better year than last year.

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