Saturday, December 5, 2009

The heart speaks

Echo in the head?(No, i'm not crazy...yet.) whispers in the heart? My intuition is telling me something is going on, or it's just me.

Mixed emotion and insecure. That is what I feel right now. I've been receiving cold reaction lately. Is it because what I did? Or is it because I don't belong to where I am right now? I know something fishy is going on, but frankly I am no gypsy to predict or decipher things with tarot card or glowing crystal ball.

Speak out if you do not like me, or despise me. Because I like people who can truly voice out their side of view, and not keeping it in the closet. Hit me with the bad news if you have to, because there's nothing in this world I can't face.

Faith is the only thing that holds me right now. And hoping that tomorrow will be better than today and the day before, because underneath it all, I believe karma will take its toll.

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