Monday, November 30, 2009

Lying is good? Not always...

Lying sometimes can be good, as long as people don't know that you are lying. But you must be smart enough to lie, or otherwise things won't turn out just like what you wanted.

I've known someone who is clever enough to lie, but not SMART ENOUGH to LIE to ME. Yes, you read it right. I am like a detector, almost...accept that I do not have all those high tech gadget inside of me. But I always stay ahead of people who wants to do hanky-panky stuff. Because I do not want to be another victim stuck in a stupid situation.

Why am I whining about all this? Truth to be told, I can be kind-hearted at times, but an Angel on my right shoulder does not always win in a situation like this, so I became a very bad person (not bad as in kill people and stuff, just bad bad...). And when that happened, I tend to think and make a bad remark on other people, especially when he/she overdo IT.

All the best to my buddy who lied to me, and to bunch of other friends. Just don't get me caught you red handed for the second time, or otherwise you are going to be DEAD MEAT!

P/S: Kevin, please come back ASAP, I have a platter of HOT STUFF to SPILL OUT.

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My Diary said...

what happen?....tell me on FB msg.....seriously......