Sunday, December 27, 2009


I guess a week off from lab work make me a little haywired. Was thinking of what to do this morning when i realize my work still have a long way to go. Besides, just received an email form CGS this morning requesting progressive report and registration which will due on the 15th January 2010.

Christmas was fine, celebrated among close families and friends. This year however, ma and pa decided to have it in Kuching. Fair enough I thought, it has been ages since we had it in Kuching.

Kev's back for his Xmas and new year holiday as well, had a long banter with him the other day. I guess the only thing we didn't really do this year is shopping. Well, I had mine earlier but I can see that he's trying to save some cash for his baby v for some maintenance, which is understandable.

Attended Mel's engagement ceremony last Saturday which falls on the 26th of Dec. She and Ricardo finally tied the knot after years of relationship, congrats guys!

It's 3 days before 2009 ends, glad that I've fulfilled almost all of my resolution. Although there are still a tiny weeny things that I haven't done yet. What the heck, carry it forward next year then..LOL!

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