Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The PCR is running and there are few experiments left, which is yet to be done. So I thought of dropping by to write something out.

Yes it's November and my day is no better than yesterday...or the day before. But I am glad that everything is going my way, although there were times where I needed time to reflect myself. Last week Kev came for a few days visit. Had a brief banter with him at Starbuck and update him with "what's hot and what's not" in the clan. Owh by the way, I can see that he loss few pounds (Clap! clap! clap!) which is a good news for him.

Sadly he couldn't make it to Halloween Party which is much of a turn off for Loid (He should be going back to Bunuk but have to cancel it because he thought that Kev would join us). The party went well, though it was not as happening as last year's Halloween. What's next? Aida's Bday is coming up so there's at least an event to celebrate this month! Lady Diana is coming down to Kuching at the end of the month so that's another event to anticipate.

Went for a movie with Jess and Gal last night; "Jennifer's Body", the movie was not bad, but the ending was not up to my expectation. I was half expecting Megan and Amanda had a kickass fight, instead it ended up with some lame killing action while levitating on the air.

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