Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Mom don't seem to have a good day yesterday. She was pretty angry with dad over some conversation they had on the phone. It was not an adult kind of fight, just a kiddo fight kind of. And I don't understand why mom make a big deal out of it.

The situation goes like this:

Dad was on his way to work (outstation) when mom called him, asking why he did not call her the day before. Dad had a hard time listening to what mom said because of bad connection. So dad have to shout instead of talking, which gets mom up to her nerve. After a few while, dad called back and explained the situation, but mom wouldn't listen.

I admit that men can be pretty ignorance at times, unlike women who is more sensitive. Mom nagged about the issue to me and lil' sis the whole morning. Instead of giving her some advice, lil sis encourage her to do the same on dad. Me on the other hand, dare not to talk about it, because I believe they are old enough to handle the situation.

Last night lil sis and me had some discussion about the matter, and she told me that perhaps mom is having her menopause. I couldn't agree much on her on that, because mom have been in a terrible mood swing for the last few months. And belive me, you don't want to get near her when she starts to nag about something.

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