Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Out of the blues

My head felt a little bit stuffed, i don't know if it's because I am overslept or it's just in my mind.

The internet connection is very slow today, a pity condition where a workplace should be provided with the best internet connection, unfortunately not for us. Even some of our work have to be halt for a while especially those who are in need of the connection for a direct contact via internet line.

I hardly do my house chores these days, except for laundry. What i meant "house chores" here is doing my room clean up. Back when i was at home, every once in a while I would move the furniture in my room to get a new "Feng Shui".

This year, I am planning to do a major changes to the room, I want to;
- Buy an at least 6 feet multilayer bookshelf because I need a bigger room for my books and novels to fit in.
- Dismantle my bed because dust and unwanted books of all sort are crowding underneath it.
- Paint my room, with a warm and vibrant color.
- Give away my 2 years old desktop together with the table to my little sis because I reckon that my lappy would be more convenience to use, and plus I can save some space in the room.
- Donate some of my old clothes in the closet because I would need a smaller, modest size one to fit in my room.

Apart from that, I couldn't remember when was the last time I hit the pave way for a jog, play the DVD for a TV instructed aerobic, and touch my dumbell for a for all kinds of press.

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