Saturday, April 18, 2009


April 18, 11:34pm

Just finished watching AF on TV and was thinking of writing something on my blog before I’m off to bed. Qhaud is out tonight but I am not surprise because he has been on the bottom list for few weeks in a row. Overall the performance tonight was satisfactory, but I was expecting an extravagant performance from the contestant since they are doing it with a live band accompanied by the original singer. As much I hate to say it, Isma did a very good performance tonight. Her lively performance makes her look like she is part of the group band, except that her stage appearance was lacking of energy. I think the best stage appearance is Aril, where he is able to draw the crowd’s attention. Of the entire concerts from Hafiz, this is the one that I think he didn’t really put up to his best. Just like the judges said, perhaps he is “too cute” for this type of song that he can’t pull it off with his character. Similarly, Claudia’s performance was not up to my expectation. The only thing that she never fail to amaze me is her showmanship, which is very good.

Okay, enough of AF, I was never a big fan of AF until now. But what choice do I have when all my cousins enjoy watching them. I do not have the mandate to hold the remote control and they outnumbered me so I better keep my mouth shut.

To date, this is my forth month in Kapit and I have been coping up well with the environment. The night here is quiet and peaceful; except that there are vast number of cicadas here which would annoys you every time you were in the middle of doing something under the light. Very often I would find them trapped in the toilet in the morning and that disrupt my appetite of doing my early morning business. Other than that, I enjoy the sightseeing here especially during sunset, where all the green that covers the hill would turn into a breathtaking golden color. If you are lucky enough, you could even see sun rays peeking through the tree branches and leaves or behind the hill and beneath the clouds, just like a luminous halo on an angel’s head I saw on my late grandfather’s painting when I was young.

Yesterday night, I had dinner with Michelle. A friend of a friend I met last year. Our fate has brought us to work to a place far from civilization where she is posted here just a few weeks ago. We had a fantabulous dinner in a not-so-grand-but-just-nice coffee shop along Jalan Selirik just a few miles from where I stay. By the way, she mentioned to me that she is also a blogger which linked to Mel, I better checked her web later.

I haven’t heard so much from my parent and sisters last week. All I know is that big sis might going to have a baby girl. Mum and dad are fine too, and as for lil’ sis, she is still waiting whether she will be admitted to continue her study or not.

Work wise, I'm currently quite busy with 2 major event that is going to be held in conjunction with World Forestry Day. There are few things to follow up next week and a meeting to attend.

P/s:...err...I love m life here....


Chel Rinj said...

Cicadas?Wait til u try the soup..hehehe..thank you for the dinner..(not the cicadas)..and our next activity would be jogging and Sibu-ing..hoho

A Little Devil On Your Shoulder said...

Come come my bitches!!! Run away from the cicadas, meet The Great Aunt of the Cicadas here. Chel, amu puan asih. Haahaha