Monday, March 30, 2009

take 5

Work is piling up again,
But this time I just take it one step at the time,
I'm being ++positive++ of what i'm doing,
Being happy :) that i have things to do,
Cherish every moment i have,
Keep on smiling no matter how hard i have to go through the day,
Call mum, dad and my sisters whenever i have time,
Laugh with my friends on the phone,
Sleep (ZZZzzzzz...) whenever there's a time to sleep,
Sing my lungs out when i needed one,
Make fun of people when i have to,
Play with my cute little nephew when he's in the mood,
Text Calvin and talk all the bithcy stuff when i feel bitcy,
Call my lover when i need someone to share all my problems,
And last but not least,
Counting the day pass by when there's a plan to go back to Kuching.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've got yourself a great plan...i guess you are doing alright?

My Diary said...

hey has been a long time since we sit down and really chatted right.....same here to...too many work to be done...sometimes there the need to laugh.....take time to relax beb.....

Jer said...

Doing alright? Not really, but i'm trying to be OK though, and just make use of the time with all the good things that i could possibly do.

Jer said...
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Jer said...

Yeah Kev, it's been ages since we had a looooooong talk, come back to Kuching here ASAP!