Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I miss this place... ;(

I couldn't recall the last time i went to church for a prayer. All I know is that it was a long, long time ago (1 month plus actually). The reason is that the place where i stay right now, they do not have protestant church here. It was always a routine for me to pray for a thankful everytime when i had my visit to church, and each time I did that, I felt that I am closer to God, love one, relatives and friends regardless their whereabouts.

Dear God, I want to give thanks to;

-My parent and both my sisters; who gave me an endless love, who support me during hard times, who take care of my well-being and who always there for me when i needed them most.

-My friends; Lloyd, Bryan, Leo, Diana, Olivia, Jessica & BF, Galvin and the others for their comfort, help, and for the joy and the laugh they shared with me all through the years.

-My relatives; wherever they may be, for their aid in things that I needed from them all this while.

Grant them a place in your Kingdom and send your Guardian Angel to watch over them, Amen.

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A Little Devil On Your Shoulder said...

I miss st thomas very much!!!!