Sunday, March 15, 2009


"Break"-ing up

Sorry I was away for quite some time; I know Oli has been waiting for my updated blog so I decided to write one or two sentences. Well, thing hasn’t been great lately, but I keep reminding myself that this is a test that I have to go through.

I realize that I’ve been taking thing too resilient lately, especially on decision making that would affect my future. Looks like this time I really have to make a stern judgment regarding the trail I should take and do. Last few night I had a very “inspirational” discussion with Oli, thanks to her that she has opened up my mind and at least gave me some clue of what’s next.

Back to the future…a recap

You see, I’ve been thinking of taking a long break from my job since early this year. In addition, I haven’t, wait…correction NEVER take a break for more than two weeks since I left UITM and Unimas as a student. My life after study was always revolving around with continuous working days and hours. But I enjoy it as much as I enjoy my study, besides what could be better than receiving your pay at the end of the day.

It was a brief autumn break after completion of my diploma in 2003, when I was called for an interview for the post of Research Assistant. I got the job and worked with UITM research unit for more than 6 months before my admission to Unimas in 2004. Quite frankly that it was a surprise, because I never thought I would be selected as one of the student to further my bachelor degree, after I got pretty bad result on my final semester in UITM the previous year.

So after more than 6 months of working, I further my study in Unimas and at the same time took a part time job as research assistant, just to gain extra income and to cover my study expenses. Even then when I was having 3 months of study break, a lecturer from chemistry department called me up to assist her with her project, and I was again hired to do the job for her. On June 2007 which is my final year in Unimas, I was just finished presenting my project when I was called for an interview for a job that require one year of training. So I went for the interview, underwent training and got myself the job, which is the job that I’m doing now.

Perhaps what drive me to do all those sorts of thing is the enthusiasm and the adrenalin to look for other opportunity to survive on my own, and not to depend too much on others. And now that I realize I have been taking life too serious, too serious that I’ve never take time to break for a while and listen to my own heart.

Oli’s text (Con’t)

I was lying on my bed last night thinking how others are coping up with their work and stuff. Then, Lady D and Oli popped-up in my mind. Lady D and Oli are my best friends ever since I came to Shah Alam to pay a visit to Kevin on Christmas 2003. They are both ex-hotelier to one of the famous hotel in Kuching, and Lady D is now working with Singapore Airline as an air hostess while Oli has been posted to work in Bintulu recently (congrats!). So I decided to text Oli, and ask her point of view on taking a break from work.

Here is some of the interpretation I got from Oli’s text;

“Everything in life is about taking a risk, and decision making is never easy. One has to prepare of what the outcome may be. Do things that make you happy, because you deserve it and never let an obstacle get you on your way. Never feel empathic to your employer, because when you’re gone, they won’t even remember your face. Have faith in God, because believe it He have a better plan for us. Always look forward, and never look back.”

So that was some of the elucidation from my discussion with Oli. I find that it was true indeed, especially the part where you don’t have to feel empathy to your boss. Perhaps all these while I was just worried about getting someone to replace my position, which to be honest is none of my business. The truth is they are the one who should be worried looking for someone to replace me.

Looking forward

I believe most of us often find ourselves lost halfway through our journey, and that was when we seek others for help. I was lost seeking for my inner self before, but now I’ve found what I was looking for. It took me quite a long time to realize though; perhaps all this while the doubt inside of me have discourage me from moving forward, hence I lost confidence to stood up for my own judgment. But not this time, I have faith that everything will be just fine, as long as I’m following the pathway that I’ve planned for.


Olivia and Amanda said...

So flattered my name is mentioned :) I'm glad i'd helped to ease your mind dear. Just dont worry to much kay. Move on when you think you need to. Your life is yours. Dont forget to announce the good news soon ya. I long to see you again. All of us together and talk about crush! Ahaks!!

Jer said...'re my best friend remember... Yeah, would love to talk more about your crush, hope to see you in the near future.