Thursday, November 20, 2008

"YES" or "NO"!

8.55 pm
-Arrived at X's house

8.56 pm
-Tried to call X but no one was answering.
-Tried to call X again, but this time with his other mobile number. Still no one answered the phone.
-Got out of my car and decided to wait outside of X's veranda.

"Maybe he is still in the shower" I thought. The weather was windy and cold, due to heavy downpour early that afternoon.

8.58 pm
-I noticed the metal bar (grill) of X's house was locked *Curious now*. So i decided to call X's housemate. Unfortunately, i can't get through her as well.
-Decided to sms X instead of calling, who knows he might reply.

9.02 pm- 9.20 pm
-Conversation with X via sms

I'm downstairs already...

I'm still at my friend's house. I'm really sorry! I think i wouldn't be able to go back home tonight.*meaning there is not going to be any meeting*

Surprise and frustrated, so i replied...*in a polite manner*

Why didn't you told me earlier?

I'm confused...he wants me to stay over for the night...

If you know that you will meet him, why didn't you just cancel our plan earlier? You know I've been waiting for you the cold...

I forgot to update, I'm very2 sorry. I'm still confused...I'd love to hang out with you guys...and i hate the situation I'm facing right now :(

Frustration grew into anger, so i neglect X's sms. The weather send chill to my spine, so I went downstairs and got myself into my car again. And smsed Y telling him that X is not joining us for the night out.

OMG, I am really2 sorry. I don't understand this guy...

I neglected X's sms again

I owe you jer.

I believe you know the word "NO". I wouldn't mind if you said that to me earlier. Please don't hesitate to use it next time.*I was angry that time, so i stopped typing on the keypad and tried to cool myself down, realizing that the issue does not worth to be mention.* It's OK, I'm heading back already, waiting reply from Y right now, because we all planned the night out.

Really sorry! Just proceed with Y k.

9.20 pm
-end of conversation.

Few minutes later, Y arrived together with Z and I told them that X is not joining. Well, they did asked but i said "it's a long story". Later that night, we had our late dinner at Mr. Potato Cafe and had myself a fried beehoon. (Ok, this part can be ommited). What i am trying to say here is, DO NOT KILL TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE! and PLEASE DECIDE! IT'S JUST A MATTER OF "YES" OR "NO". You may have important things to do, but please inform others beforehand, and don't let them wait right in front of your door just so want to make a meet up and suddenly you said "i'm not at home".


Olivia and Amanda said...

Total disappointment. Couldn't agree with you more on this matter.

Jer said...

Haha! Thanks for the understanding....