Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Weekend update...

Yet another weekend have passed, here is some recap of "what's-going-on" on last weekend:


Januarie (one of my colleague) got herself stressed out, probably due to workload and upcoming traveling (cause she is the leader) and decided to drag me together for a jog at Samajaya Recreational Park for a stress-release. We jogged for few rounds and I got myself a cramp on the hamstring, should've did a longer stretching session.

Later that night, after dinner read "Love, Rosie" for a few chapters and took a nap. Ok ok, it was merely a nap unfortunately i went into deep sleep for a few hours and was awaken by an sms from Llyod telling me that Jublin was planning a night out at usual place. After i read the sms? decided to take another nap, but this time it was really a nap cause not long after that (probably 20 minutes) Bryan smsed me a told me about the outing. Got myself off the bed around 10.30pm, gussy up a little and hit Amoebar with the clan. Went home at wee hour after a quick breakfast with Leo and Bryan at Petanak Market.
This picture was taken during Halloween Party last month, decorated with paper roll and dummies, okay only 1 dummy in the picture. Notice the guy with blue shirt? that's me. Sorry if the picture quality and the club was not up to the expectation, I'll show you guys some of Amoebar's pics later in the next post.


Nothing much in the morning, only....ZZZzzzzz. Woke up at noon time. And did some laundry. Later that evening, went to Norbert and Rosemary's wedding Reception. By the way, i will update you guys with Norbert and Rosemary's wedding later (perhaps in the next post) with some colourful picture.


As usual, church in the morning, and did some shopping with lil' sis. Nothing much in the evening, dad left for his travelling to Sri Aman.

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