Thursday, September 2, 2010

Update lagi

It's been a month since my last update, I just couldn't really find the time to drop by. As usually, my work is keeping me occupied the whole time. Working and doing research is not always fun. The only "fun" thing you'd enjoy is the month end salary that you could spend and stuff your closet with a new Esprit bag from Elle, or a pair of Shoe worth almost half of your earning.

And yes, by that I mean I've been doing extra chores lately, scouting for stuff to fulfill my shopping desire. And YES, it also means that I'm stressed out. But who cares, nothing beats shopping desire when it comes to MegaSale. Everything is discounted to as high as 70%(drool....).

Talking about bag, have it occur to you that a secondary school teenage girl would carry a leathered sling bag worth hundreds of MYR to school? Well, yes if you are the heir of filthy rich people. But really, if you come from an average income family, I don't think it's going to happen. You see, when I was a teenage boy, the only school bag I would carry is a backpack worth less than 30MYR which is made up from nylon and some poly-thingy (sorry but I'm not a polymer science freak). But the scenario is not the same anymore, as I watched my little sister grew up, the needs of teenagers nowadays are never the same like it was back then. Sure we could buy a candy for only five cents back then, but now??? Nah.... And so, the other day lil' sis and I were hunting for her so-called school bag and got one nice leathered one.

Yet Ramadhan is here again, this means that Raya is coming soon. Went "sungkey" with lab members at Merdeka Palace few weeks ago. It was superb, worth every cents. House visiting sure is a must this year, probably this will be the last one I'd enjoy them with my uni friends.

Another event to anticipate for the upcoming month; friend's wedding, can't wait!

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