Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Two Months Late

So here's a long overdue post which I should've put up 2 months ago.

July 9, Rainforest World Music Festival. Sounds familiar? Yes, it's that festival again, and after three years of missing it I finally made it this year. This year however it was held on the 9th till 12th of July, which showcase various cultural performance of all sort from all around the world.

Accompanied by best bud Ugam and labmate Liyana, we head off to Damai during noontime. The weather was awesome, sunny and hawt! Surprisingly the crowd on the first day this year was not as I expected. Most probable reason for this is due to the World Cup season which was held (coincidentally) at the same time of the event. So you can guess why we went it on the first day, the final match was on the next day so we wouldn't want to miss the moment it starts. Owh to add, there were not even a single group from Africa this year(which is understandable, and a turn off for me because their performance is really damn good!).

After a quick lunch, the three of us attended the first workshop which was held in the theater,with the theme given 'Fiddling around'; where participant with violinist sent out their fellow troop to perform. The show was stunning, imagine cultural music from different parts of the world brought together and mashed-up on stage, it's more than word can say. The second performance, 'happy feet' followed by 'Fusionaries' was as equally as interesting.

From top to bottom: Performer introducing their music instrument before each performance; During the "Happy Feet" session, some of the group also introduce their respective cultural dance; and the last one, a mash-up dance and music from the second session.

The night concert was kicked-off by Indonesian group "Debu". Unfortunately for Ugam and me, we were not able to join Liyana and the crowd due to heavy rain, until the third group performed which was from Russia. Muddy field mixed with sweaty bods (Yeah, if you're thinking what I'm thinking), as if were on a mud party, except that it's funnier. The show ended with "Watussi" band from Australia, which was as much amusing as the others.

Top to bottom: Some of the pics taken during stage performance at night; Indian performance, followed by Russia and the last one is performance from Watussi group.

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