Tuesday, June 8, 2010

May in the highlight

Just came back from the longest holiday of the semester, pretty much enjoy it. Partly because of the family reunion and a shocking news from the clan.

The end of May not only marks the end of the semester, but it is also time for the Dayaks to celebrate harvest festival. Like other festivals, this is also the time for family members to reunite. This year is the first year of the first generation in our family to celebrate the festival with a grandchild. Mom was all too enthusiast with the idea, she'd spent most of her time baking and planning an event in early May. Nonetheless, with cousins wedding reception lined up in the calendar makes May and June to be one the most anticipated month.

Just right before Gawai celebration, Kev came back for his usual celebration pit stop. As a ritual for his arrival, we went for a so called "themed" night out with the gang. We arrive at the scene pretty much earlier than the others, so we had ourselves with few cocktails on the go. I was not really up to this cocktail thingy at the first place but he insisted me to try it anyway. Quite frankly that I became addicted right a way, and ordered few different others over the bar.

Met new members of the group that night, due to unpredictable relationship complication that happened when i was away for 2 months. Good to know that they can fit in, and hopefully it will last.

What else? *thinking*...guess that is all the highlight for May and June, will write again the soonest.

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