Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let Me Speak Up! - Failed Love part 1

It is of a usual habit to gussy myself up for the last time before I hit the road every morning when I was about to go off to campus. This morning though, astounded; not because of how gorgeous I looked in the mirror, nor how beautiful the dress I wear. I saw myself, just me.

That was when a vivid past came back to me. The past relationship, the failed one. Well, Colbie Callait might have a good reason pointing out this song called "Realize" in her hit single. And it does took me sometime to realize the rise and fall in my previous love life drama.

Once, I forced myself to be someone I am not. Listening to songs that I'm not into to. Imagining myself flipping trough bios of an artist I don't even like, was probably something that was not-so-important thing I've ever did. Sometimes, I find no tolerance in certain issues especially regarding my social life; I hate to say this but it sucks when I don't get to see or hangout with my best bud for ages; for all you know I have my own life and it's not always about you.

It would be immature of me if I'd say so-and-so is to blame, because I know there would be endless argument. The most important thing here is that I've learned my lesson, and it is enough for me to reflect back faulty of the past,in case I am caught in one in the future.

P/s: Stick to who you are, being someone else wouldn't make you any better.

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