Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2 months in the highlight

First and foremost happy holiday to all and a prosperous Chinese new year. Been off from any writing for a while cause I've been spending most of my time with labwork and job lately. Life- so far was so-so although there are times when I felt like I needed a long getaway, but what the heck, jobs that demand a lot of effort is more important I guess. And I've been thinking not to be stranded with my study for a long time. The work might be tedious, but the satisfaction of getting the result is priceless.

It has been few weeks and loads of attempts that my work have no result, at a point where I almost gave up and took a few days off. After a few enlightenment from a good friends, I finally make a little adjustment and just bear with it for a while. Few methods which proved to work was successful in the try-out, and that really make my day. This however only covers no less than 50% of my work. Frustrated; yes and grateful at the same time.

I know it's a little too late for my new year post but I still owe Kev this one. Well, new year eve was celebrated at the usual place with the usual clan, plus few others. And together with that Kev and me celebrated our 11 years of friendship. Owh, did I mention that night was also Bryan's 20's something bday party...(sorry forgot the age).

New year resolution?? Haven't figure that out yet, honestly. Didn't seem to spend much of a time with the clan after that night. Moreover, my class was commenced on early January so it was hard for me to make up some time for my outing nowadays. Our next outing was only 2 weeks after and we did not talk that much. Besides, I was kind of getting sick of going to the same club every weekend and listening to the same old fuckin' song for the past 2 years. Seriously I need a new place for a hang-out.

If you're reading this Kev, honestly I don't really have much of a hot stuff to update you. I'm trying to stay out of everybody's way at the moment, try not to mess things up and listen if I should. Because I reckon that it's worthless for me to interrupt and it's really not my business to begin with, although there ARE times when they needed my advise, which I'm glad to help.

Big sis came for a visit with Amanda along with bro-in-law early February. Amanda is 8 months old to date and mum and dad was on top of the world when we first meet them in the airport after so long. They spent a week in Kuching and had a day visits to kampung.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you again=) Can't believe you haven't gotten your resolutions sorted. Anyhow, i think it's a little late to make them now. I guess you just have go with the flow and see what happens. That's what i am doing anyway.

Jer said...

Same here. The resolution(s), yeah..haven't think about that yet, but I have few in mind...