Saturday, July 18, 2009

Spring cleaning

Sorting out clothes that I have been collected for the past 6 years is probably the most tedious job I have ever done in my room. It took me 3 hours just to do it. Flashes of the past memories vividly came to me as I was browsing through the clothes one by one. There were clothes that I used to wear during my diploma commemoration dinner, the one I wore during my final year dinner, St. John Ambulance uniform, not to forget the company uniform and other clothes of all sort that was still neatly hang.

I must admit those days that I use to spent a lot on my attire. There are some shirts that were bought which I only wear on certain occasion and never been touch ever since. And there were also shirts which I think their sizes are too large or too small for me. Some clothes however, are still in good condition and “wearable”. So I decided to wash (due to unpleasant odor because it was kept in the closet for so long) and keep some of them for a reason that I would not buy any clothes (at the moment) because of economic recession, how ironic is that? And hopefully I would wear them, after all the washing and ironing fuss.

Each of the clothes was separated into 3 categories;
1. Clothes I will most likely going to wear
2. Clothes for donation and
3. Clothes that is out of trend waiting to be dump

After spending 3 hours of sorting, I found out that there were more clothes that should be out of the closet than that of the one I occasionally use. So you see, I am a bit sentimental in terms of collecting item. There was once I used to complaint about my habit to a friend and she came out with no solution. She even told me that I might have OCD and should seek help from a professional. Well, I thought it would be nice if I had extra income and if there is an OCD expert in Kuching.

By the way, after the closet, I might going to throw away some of the books and notes that were kept since I was in form 5.

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