Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Earlier this week I received news telling me that one of my staff have just passed away. I just know a little about him because I am only attached to my station for almost 5 months now. As far as I am concern, he has been struggling with his illness for quite sometime. Even when I first came here, he just had his operation at the general hospital.

This week, I have been busy settling matters regarding his bereavement. Apart form my own work, I have to put aside my personal matters, which I should have been settle earlier this week. But I understood the priority here is to clear up all the matters on my late staff because his next of kin would be asking for his claims later.

Had my dinner with Cel last few days at our usual place, and ask her some words of wisdom. Had a good chat with her that night, and sent her stuff to her new place after we finished our dishes. She said she will have an induction in Kuching for the whole month until June. I am so envious...

Heard that we are going to have our next computation course next June but I do not know the exact date yet, that is if I am still around. But I’ve determine that any decision on what I have made earlier, I have to do it by this week. I can’t wait no longer because I had a restless sleep just to think about it. Moreover, I am already tired of thinking about the matter and I just want to finish it as soon as possible.

Lil’ sis called me up this morning; she told me that she got herself on the candidate list for form 6 students, but has yet to check on it at her school. Hopefully she will make it through because I am eager to see her continuing her study, if not to the higher learning institute, at least to form 6.

Called big sis yesterday to ask her condition; she have been coping up well with the baby in her belly. She told me that the baby constantly kicking and moving around (inside her belly of course). I was told that she will due sometime this June, can’t wait to have my first “anak buah”…hehe…

P/s: Tired of this life...

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