Thursday, February 12, 2009

Growing up during hard time

Taking the right path of life isn’t easy as it seems. The complexity of mind usually became port that command, plan and make us act the way we should. Sometimes I wonder if the decision made were just according to the mind alone, or just a mere instinct of the heart. Human, do not build like a robot that only obeys command from a remote control or processor. After all, robots are build by human himself, using the thought that is gifted by God.

Why am I talking all this crap? I found that sometimes when we are trapped in a crossroad of life, where we are forced to make decision that we don’t even like. That really gets to my nerve. People said, ‘list out the pros and cons”, “ask second opinion”. Well, I did that; sometimes listing pages of pages of pros and cons doesn’t help. I’m not being pessimistic but that is the truth about life. Sometimes people that made us make that decision are just being self-centered that they only think of their personal interest. At the end, those who don’t really matters are the one who gets the pay. But have no regret, because I believe all the punishment of his afterlife will be greater than that of what he did to others.

My previous boss used to said, “We are considered mature enough when we have experienced the ups and down of life and the best time to experience that is when you are grown up during the hard times”. That was the last statement he told me before I left his unit. Now I understand what he meant, this is the time where all the hard times that will give a lesson for me to learn. I’m eager to do it, but I’m not that enthusiast about it. Because I know what lies ahead is far more greater than everyone could imagine

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