Thursday, February 5, 2009

Expressing the thought

Can’t believe time is running fast, it’s been almost a month since I came to Kapit. Things been going well lately, work is fine and I wonder where’d my previous boss been. The last time I heard he was having gastric problem so he have to take a sick leave, but he didn’t inform me to take a week leave, it’s none of my concern anyway. 3 weeks of staying also indicates that it has been 3 weeks of being person-in-charge in the office where I work now. It’s funny in such a short time that I’ve been seeing all kind of scenario, office scenario to be exact, that I consider some of them hilarious while some are not.


Most of the time my job is just giving signature on paper, reporting to the manager besides monitoring the staff. Sound simple? Not as simple as you thought. Facing problems with the customers are common. In rare cases I’ve encountered not so long ago, I have to face the public and the higher authority, which I think a lesson worth to learn. And just a few days ago, on a rainy afternoon when I was doing some of my jobs, one of my staff was banging his fist on the table. I was informed that he was angry over a job that was delegated to him, which he has to redo it. The thing is; he is over a half-century old, about to retire, have kids and wife. Okay…duh…I believe when people gets older, they also get wiser. But in this case, “get dumb-er when you get older”- that is a thing worth to ponder…


Okay, enough with office drama. The water level in Rejang River has been high since last week. The periodic raining not only has made the situation worse, it was said that some areas were affected by problems such as flood and landslide. I can say that this is the worse monsoon season I’ve been experience in my whole life. Kuching is also no better than Kapit, I was told that it’s been a gloomy days with raining on and off every single day since late December. Because of that, the price of market goods here in Kapit also hiked to as high as RM15-17 for a price of vegetables per kilos. The only option is to buy imported vegetable which is far cheaper.


Back in Kuching, weekend was filled with shopping and late night outing. In contrary, there were not much of such activities to do here. The town is so small that it only took you less than half an hour visit. Shopping mall? Nope, there are no shopping mall and places to hang out here. The only thing you can do here is try to blend around with the people and make full use of the time to have fun. Owh, did I mention they have Sugarbun here? It’s not one of my favorite fast food restaurant but at least they have fast food restaurant franchise here.

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