Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I love taking a ride early in the morning, especially when I'm on my way to work. I don't know why, for some reason maybe it’s because of the traffic although I don't really enjoy it when it comes to traffic jam. But look at the bright side, traffic jam can be one of those entertainments whenever you're bored sitting in your car while listening to the same radio station, and not to mention songs that were played over and over again through the speaker. Once in a while, I would take my glances on the other side of the lane whenever there were cars passing by, and that is where the fun begins. Seeing peoples mood and their gesture, some cute and some are not, some still wearing pajamas which I bet they are going to the market, and parents taking their kids to school. It’s like a picture of thousand faces, from all walks of life. And that is when I realize I'm not the only person who is revving through the "road of life" with ups and down mood swing. For what really matters here is that you know you live today for tomorrow and make the best out of tomorrow better than today.

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