Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just in time

Finally, I can seat back and relax *sigh*. Just couldn’t believe I’ve finally finished with my research project, project that took me only 6 months to complete, 3 months earlier than the tentative date. “Just in time for the upcoming seminar”, I thought. Received our final announcement few days ago via memo, and our abstract is due by tomorrow.

What’s next? Bunch of reports are queuing up, as well as final report for the seminar. Am still doing my final write-up as I was writing this blog, funny but no, I ran out of idea what to write so was thinking of doing some “brain-stretching”. The journals and conference paper are giving me headache, and some are still piling up on my table waiting to be extract…

Been a while since my last meeting with the clan, maybe I should take a peek on them tonight… :-P

P/s: Bored

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