Monday, November 29, 2010

Let's Rant!

Big Sis came down to Kch on the 2nd week of November. Their last visit, if I could recall was 4-6 months ago which was earlier this year. It's a surprise how Amanda have grown up. In their last visit, Amanda could barely sit in upright position and she only crawls. Now she could walk (but not run) and say a few words like "mommy"...awww... Big sis and lil amanda stayed with us for two weeks. Bought them an advance Christmas present before they were off to Bintulu.

Congratulation to Mel ( and her hubby on their wedding not so long ago. And so, the whole weekend of the November was wholly spent with friends and family. Yeah I know...not the usual friend and relatives though.

Another highlight of the weekend was friends gathering in conjunction with Mel's wedding ceremony in St. Thomas and her reception that night. It's glad to see friends from all over the states came together and celebrate the grand event, and a rare chance to have all of them gather together on the same time and same place too!

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