Wednesday, October 20, 2010

All the bad things

Event no. 1- A lady rammed my modest MPV with her awesomely larger-than-my-car minivan, which was pretty bad. Sent the car for a repair in some nearby workshop. Checked the progress the other day and guess what, the scratch and all the bumps haven't been repaired!

Event no. 2- Shamelessly squatting in Simon's car for almost a month now, since mine got into the workshop. Last resort would be...", can you sent me to campus..."

Event no. 3- Nine consecutive months (almost 10) with no work progress. Sucks? Yes. Got my boss extremely exaggerated with the news. Working with new enzyme in addition to the one I have currently.

Event no. 4- My schedule is again, full for the weekends next year. Couldn't find a suitable candidate to replace my English tuition. Missing my Sunday mass and singing praise and worship songs.

Event no. 5- No calls no what-so-ever from my friend, but that's fine. Or maybe it's just me...keeping myself busy with work and all. Ran out of lame excuses if they asked me to, then again that's fine. I'm all good with that.

Hey, I'm not complaining or anything...Maybe this is just a test. And I can't wait for that redemption day to come.


o.l.i.v.e said...

You'll be fine dear. :) be patient with all the tests k

Jer said...

Thanks darl...:)